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BlogTalkRadio in the Limelight


BlogTalkRadio in the Limelight
61 min2009 JUN 26
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Each month, we feature a BlogTalkRadio host on our show In the Limelight. This month, we spotlight Simon Applebaum, host of the show "Tomorrow Will Be Televised." In the course of Tomorrow's nearly two years on Internet radio, the program has presented more than 150 guests from the world of TV--people on the front lines making the medium happen. Among their topics: the digital TV transition, new and future shows, diversity on and off-camera, President Obama's TV agenda, Internet TV, video-on-demand, virtual worlds and other interactive services on the TV set, 3D and high-definition programming/networks.
Click here to listen to BlogTalkRadio's Christina Blodgett as she interviews Simon to learn how he expands his Internet radio voice.