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DevOps Days Podcast


DevOps Days Podcast
4 MIN2018 AUG 13
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Today--Incorporating AI into applications is as easy as a single API call. Once imbued with AI, these transformed applications can improve over time as they learn from user interactions. How do we manage these new learning systems to ensure that they take advantage of all available information while maintaining accuracy and minimizing bias? This talk will discuss common problems encountered when designing and implementing AI systems and how DevOps practices can be used to address these issues. DevOps practitioners will learn the relevance of their skillset and practices to the rapidly evolving AI domain. The problem of properly managing AI applications and their underlying models is not trivial.

Michael Flores is an Architect on the Strategy and Technology Team in IBM’s Federal Chief Technology Office. He has helped numerous agencies use Cloud, Artificial Intelligence(AI), Robotics, and DevOps through the adoption of open standards such as Cloud Foundry, Docker, and OpenWhisk. Michael represents IBM in The Open Group as chair of the Open Platform 3.0 Forum, where he collaborates with other industry leaders to develop standards for modern technologies to support global interoperability and boundaryless information flow. Michael has extensive development, design, and architecture experience across a variety of technologies and has implemented numerous chatbots and AI driven solutions through various channels including web, SMS, and robots.

Michael received an undergraduate degree in Bioinformatics from Baylor University and holds a patent for dynamic customization of reference architectures. His capstone project at Baylor focused on crawling heterogenous data sources to create knowledge graphs to aid PTSD research.