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DevOps Days Podcast


DevOps Days Podcast
34 MIN2018 AUG 13
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As developers, we take great pains to make our applications accessible to users on a range of devices and browsers. There are more adults with disabilities in the US than there are users of Internet Explorer. So why do we spend more time worrying about polyfills for out-dated browsers than we do on ensuring the accessibility of our applications for users of all ability levels? This talk will emphasize the importance of incorporating accessibility best practices throughout our design and development workflow. Simulated experiences of engaging with inaccessible software will provide insight into the realities that millions of users face day to day. Drawing on recommendations from the Department of Justice, we will discuss action steps for evaluating and improving the accessibility of software.

Meg is a science and technology educator turned software engineer working in Washington, DC. She approaches new technologies with curiosity and confidence, building on her interdisciplinary education and experiences. These range from making technology decisions in the non-profit and education sectors to engineering full-stack solutions in a number of programming languages and frameworks. Her interest in accessible development begin with work as a blended learning instructor developing original digital content for a diverse youth audience.

Kim is an attorney and disability rights advocate. Her interest in accessible technology stems from her own vision impairment and her use of assistive software on a daily basis. In her career she has worked in various disability policy areas including housing rights and access to reasonable accommodations in employment. Kim has dedicated her career to the full inclusion of people with all types of disabilities.