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DevOps Days Podcast


DevOps Days Podcast
30 MIN2018 AUG 13
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GDPR is upon us, along with new requirements for protecting user data. Many of us in the DC ecosystem are no strangers to compliance! We have expertise in HIPAA, SOC, PCI, and of course the stringencies associated with government work. But GDPR's new requirements are taking effect at the same time that many users are demanding increased privacy and transparency about their data (as a backlash to the Cambridge Analytica scandal) regardless of regulation. We'll look at best practices for DevOps teams to respond to this increased need for privacy, transparency and security around user data.

In addition to best practices, we'll explore the following questions:

What does the current regulatory landscape look like, and how does that impact DevOps?

How do we design our applications and our architecture (especially containers) to optimize for security and privacy?

And are the current regulations helpful as guidelines, or will they become another set of checkboxes?

  Elissa is a successful serial entrepreneur that helped launch Geekcorps (acquired), Everyday Health (IPO) and the Brave browser. Elissa also cofounded Glimpse, an end to end encrypted photo sharing app and is the Editor of “Lean Out: The Struggle for Gender Equality in Tech and Startup Culture.”