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Pulumi is a tool for building cloud-native infrastructure as code using general-purpose programming languages.
Luke Hoban, CTO of Pulumi, joins Scott on the Full Stack Journey podcast to chat about the tool. You can follow him at @lukehoban on Twitter.
They address a variety of topics, including:

* What is Pulumi?
* Why use Pulumi? Why not use existing infrastructure-as-code tools?
* Is Pulumi still declarative if I’m using a general-purpose programming language?
* What about optimizing for reusability versus optimizing for readability?
* Does using Pulumi make getting started with infrastructure-as-code easier or harder?
* How do folks get acquainted with Pulumi?

Check the show notes below for hyperlinks to resources discussed in the podcast. Happy learning!
Show Links
Pulumi on Twitter
Pulumi GitHub repository
Pulumi examples on GitHub
tf2pulumi tool for converting Terraform to Pulumi
Join the Pulumi community Slack