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Lately in JavaScript podcast

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Lately in JavaScript podcast
--2016 OCT 7
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How to Control WordPress from JavaScript - Lately in JavaScript podcast episode 70By Manuel LemosKasia is a library that can control a WordPress installation using its API from JavaScript. This library was one the main topics discussed by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins in the episode 70 of the Lately in JavaScript podcast.

They also talked about the differences between for and forEach, exploring Mithril for building Web interfaces, loading CSS dynamically in Web pages, rendering text fonts in JavaScrip natively, obfuscating DOM elements, using neural networks using DN2A, animated tooltips using GIFs, massive parallel programming in JavaScript using a GPU, and handling offline content with service workers.

This article contains a transcript of the summary of the podcast.

Listen to the podcast now, or watch the hangout video, or read the transcript text to learn more about these and other interesting JavaScript topics discussed in this podcast.