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Lately in JavaScript podcast

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Lately in JavaScript podcast
40 min2016 OCT 6
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jQuery 3.1 Fixes Silenced Errors on Page Loading - Lately in JavaScript podcast episode 69By Manuel LemosThe long awaited released of jQuery 3.0 happened last month but not with problems like page loading errors that were silenced due to the use of promises. The problem was fixed in jQuery 3.1.

This was the main topic discussed by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins in the episode 69 of the Lately in PHP podcast.

They also talked about the release of ESLint 3, V8 startup optimizations in version 5.3, building rich text editors with Slate library, extract meaning from Web pages using the Fathom library, an audio library with 3D audio suport and watercolor effects with Aquarelle.

Listen to the podcast now, or watch the hangout video, or read the transcript text to learn more about these and other interesting JavaScript topics discussed in this podcast.