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LeadingAgile SoundNotes: an Agile Podcast

Dave Prior, Agile Consultant & Certified Scrum Trainer

LeadingAgile SoundNotes: an Agile Podcast
29 MIN2018 NOV 9
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This episode of SoundNotes features LeadingAgile’s Chief Methodologist and Co-Founder, Dennis Stevens, and focuses on how to build an organization that can embrace change.  The interview provides an overview of some of the key capabilities an Agile organization needs to accelerate learning, increase optionality, and improve their decision making including:How to incorporate market sensing capabilities into strategic planningHow to design an execution model that can provide feedback which can then be incorporated back into the strategic planningHow to prioritize the work being done to maximize returnThe interview digs into some of the steps an organization will need to take to develop these abilities and the challenges that come along with it. We also explore the impact on organizations that can’t remove all their internal dependencies, prioritizing risk to support learning, and the need for an organizational information broker that can collect and interpret the information coming out of the teams, so that the right information can be delivered back to the strategic level.This is a heavy topic, so we’re planning on recording a few additional podcasts that will dig deeper in each of these individual topics.Contacting Dennis StevensWeb: https://www.leadingagile.com/guides/dennis-stevens/Twitter: https://twitter.com/dennisstevensEmail: dennis@leadingagile.com Contacting Dave PriorIf you’d like to contact Dave you can reach him at:LeadingAgile: https://www.leadingagile.com/guides/dave-prior/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mrsungoTwitter: https://twitter.com/mrsungoEmail: dave.prior@leadingagile.comIf you have a question you’d like to submit for an upcoming podcast, please send them to dave.prior@leadingagile.comAnd if you're interested in taking one of our upcoming Certified ScrumMaster or Certified Scrum Product Owner classes, you can find all the details at https://www.leadingagile.com/our-gear/training/