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Podcast Insider

Todd Cochrane, Mike Dell & MacKenzie Bennett

Podcast Insider
65 min2020 SEP 18
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It's been a long seven months here in the United States (as it has been elsewhere), and we're only two weeks away from the U.S Presidential Debates - which was recently suggested to be hosted on Joe Rogan's podcast, with Donald Trump and Joe Biden. We ask, is a presidential debate on a podcast a good idea?

Don't worry we discuss more than just politics integrated into politics this episode. Such as news from Amazon Music / Audible, some moves to the Apple team, and some upcoming events.

Live Facebook Recording.

Thanks for joining us this episode of Podcast Insider. Looking to be a guest on the show? Let us know.

Recorded live from two well-separated and socially distant podcast studios in northern and southern Michigan; here’s Podcast Insider.


Amazon Music / Audible added podcasts in the US, UK, Germany and Japan.

Jake Shapiro, CEO of Radio Public and PRX founder moves to Apple Podcasts.

Kara Swisher joins the New Your Times with a podcast called Sway.

Apple updates with iOS14 and iPadOS14.  Some new things in Apple Podcasts.

Presidential Debate on a Podcast? For four hours?!

Podfest is doing a Podcast Masterclass on Sept 28 - October 2nd.

Best Practice:

Audio levels and tools for editing/recording

For Podcast insider, we use a lot of tools. 

Auphonic for leveling + Blubrry Pro Production

Audition, for editing and final file creation

Recorded on each end with hardware recorders.  Rodcaster Pro and Dennon digital audio recorder as a backup.

Blubrry News:

Blubrry at 15!  We had a Facebook Live “party” celebrating 15 years in business. See the replay here.

New website coming soon! Watch for it at blubrry.com in the next few weeks.

International Podcast Day: Coming up shortly, Sept 30. Potentially still looking for a second guest to join the Powerful Women session with MacKenzie.

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No interview this week, we will replay our 15-year anniversary live steam at the end of the show. 

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Coming at you this week from two very separate podcast studios in Michigan. Produced by the Blubrry Pro-Production team.

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