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Security Sandbox

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Security Sandbox
37 min2019 JUL 30
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A common theme we explore on this podcast is cybersecurity entrepreneurship. Talking to startup founders about what they’re making that’s shaping the future of our industry. They share stories of how they’ve built their product and learning about what’s worked and what hasn’t along the way. But there are… a few myths around entrepreneurs.

Like.. that they’re… super people who can do it all. Or that they were born to be a CEO. Or that one day a founder wakes up with an amazing idea that will change the world. But if those were the only ways to start a company, this episode wouldn’t be titled “Not Doing it Alone with Bryson Bort!”

On this episode,  we talk about his companies GRIMM and SCYTHE, his time in the army, and his very important announcement regarding the names of some unicorns. 

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