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Technology Revolution: The Future of Now

Bonnie D. Graham

Technology Revolution: The Future of Now
60 minAUG 19
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The buzz: According to Engineering the Future of Creativity: How Technology is Revolutionizing Art (techspective.net 2019, technology has created more accessible tools for the production of art, changed the arena of self-expression, and accelerated the process of art funding and distribution.

The artist’s palette now includes 3D printers. Eyal Gever is working with NASA scientists to create visualizations of human laughter that will be 3D printed on the International Space Station. Technology is redefining the canvas. The Bjork Digital traveling exhibition uses virtual reality and music to create a personalized experience that connects people to art. Via the Internet, art now can be produced and distributed all over the world, beyond the realm of the elite or the exceptionally talented.

We’ll ask artist Dr. Lucie Marlo, gallery owner Jason Horejs, sculptor Philip Payne and art consultant Lynn Marks for their take on Draw Me A Picture: The Future of Art and Technology.