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Technology Revolution: The Future of Now

Bonnie D. Graham

Technology Revolution: The Future of Now
60 minJUL 22
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A social good is something that benefits the largest number of people in the largest possible way, such as clean air, clean water, healthcare, and literacy. Aka "common good," social good can trace its history to Ancient Greece philosophers and implies a positive impact on individuals or society in general… Today, social good is used to refer to corporate initiatives that aim to enhance the social contract of corporations by promoting practices that are better for the environment and overall society.…and gain employee trust and loyalty…Social media platforms are an efficient way to educate the public, and advocate and fundraise for programs that support the social good. Social good has been connected with social media, as its definition has expanded to include a shareable deed or sentiment.” (www.investopedia.com/terms/s/social_good.asp)

We’ll ask IDC’s Bob Parker, Ruthbea Yesner, David Reinsel and Cynthia Burghard for their take on The Future of Connectedness for Social Good.