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TELUS International Studios

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TELUS International Studios
33 min2020 AUG 13
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Recent months have been a make-or-break time for companies all over the world. As everyday life for so many changed seemingly overnight, companies were forced to adapt. For many shops with only brick-and-mortar locations, this looked like an acceleration of the store's online presence in order to stay up and meet demands. Enter: Shopify, an ecommerce platform that allows companies to do business online. Operations at Shopify have sky-rocketed in the last few months, even landing on FT's list of the top 100 companies prospering in the pandemic. In this episode of TELUS International Studios, John Riordan, Director of Support and Chairman of the Board, Shopify International, gives insight into how operations in recent months have changed due to the pandemic. John also deep dives into why a work from home model can and will change everything for the world of CX.