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The Ionic Show


The Ionic Show
33 min2016 JAN 16
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Welcome to the sixth episode of the Ionic Show!

In this episode, Max and Ben cover the release of Ionic 1.0.0, answer questions from the community, chat about a new tool we just released called Playground, discuss Ionic and Visual Studio integration, promote the Ionic Shop, and... back by popular demand, talk about beer.

If you want to jump to a specific section, here is a list of topics discussed:

-Ionic 1.0.0 Quick Overview-
01:03 - Ionic 1.0.0
02:17 - Native Scrolling
02:54 - Windows Phone Support

04:30 - Q1 - Will we provide swag for people who speak/go to conferences?
05:49 - Q2 - Plans for Windows Mobile and other mobile platforms? Common code base?
07:03 - Q3 - Any desktop GUI to replace the command line? (troll)
07:25 - Q4 - How have you seen Ionic grow in the past year?
08:52 - Q5 - What will be free/charged? What’s up with the backend stuff?
10:42 - Q6 - How performance performance and performance?
12:51 - Q7 - What’s the future on Ionic? Maintaining 1.0? Moving to 2.0?

13:40 - Max emphasizes importance of Ionic 1.0.0 and speaks about Ionic 2.0

16:32 - Q8 - What is your opinion on React Native?
18:25 - Q9 - How about Material Design support?
20:24 - Q10 - What does the future of learning Ionic look like?

-Ionic Books-
20:50 - Ionic in Action - http://www.manning.com/wilken/
21:34 - Developing an Ionic Edge - http://bleedingedgepress.com/developing-ionic-edge/

-Ionic Playground-
25:06 - Ionic Playground Intro

-Visual Studio & Ionic-
27:00 - Ionic integration with Visual Studio

-Ionic Shop-
29:24 - The Ionic Shop

-MobCraft Beer-
31:55 - Crowdsourced Brewing Mobcraft Beer

See you next time!

*Music compliments of -ferdinand- music! https://soundcloud.com/f-e-r-d-i-n-a-...
**Special thanks to our Audio Engineer Timothy Brandl @Tanbor9