The Tech Lead Coaching Podcast from Michael Rice

Michael Rice

The Tech Lead Coaching Podcast from Michael Rice
5 MIN2019 APR 5
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As a new tech lead (or even an experienced one), there are lots of moments of uncertainty. In this short episode, we talk about frankly about it and propose two ways of finding certainty in an uncertain role.

Part of the content for this episode came from a post written by Michael Rice in 2017: https://medium.com/@techleadcoach/next-weeks-focus-certainty-letter-1-103c0aed2a1e

Being a tech lead is hard! We're here to support you. Glad you're on the journey with us.


0:05 - Intro

0:15 - About the Tech Lead Coaching Network

0:56 - Our Topic of the Day: Certainty in an Uncertain Role

4:06 - Conclusion

4:27 - How to Get Involved

4:53 - It's a Wrap!

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