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We Build SG LIVE

Chinmay and Sayanee

We Build SG LIVE
--2017 JUN 10
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Introduction [0:40] Tape-drive Magentic Tape Stepper motor Analog Servo Time domain analyzer Microcontroller PCB OrCAD PCAD PADS Sound Card Synthesizer Card Kurzweil Video Compact Disc Test Jig In-Circuit Testing Functional Circuit TestingDesign for Manufacturability[17:40] EDN IEEE Spectrum Quality Control Quality Assurance Schematic Capture Datasheet Component SelectionI/O Polling audience questions [36:37] FPGA Test Driven Development PCB Design mil vs mm Footprint Linear Technologies Texas Instruments Analog Devices National SemiconductorsPicks [45:04] Seeed Studio DFM Guide Android Auto Apple CarPlay ESP32 Baoshi Baoshi’s WeBuild Live Episode Baoshi’s talk on ESP32Event Loop [48:55] MakerFaire Singapore 2017 Hackware Meetup Hackware talk by high school students making satellites Hackware talk about making DIY loudspeaker Hackware talk by an iOS developer on HomeKit Hackware talk by high school students about making a rail gunElectric Plug – Connect with Adnan [51:06] Adnan’s Facebook