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We Build SG LIVE

Chinmay and Sayanee

We Build SG LIVE
45 min2017 JUL 8
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Introduction [0:29] Haoyi’s Blog Haoyi’s Github Scala Programming Language Haoyi’s Patreon for AmmoniteScala Programming Language[3:09] Java Virtual Machine OCaml Haskell Immutable Type Inference Dynamic Language Java Profilers Perl Java Performance SCSS Rust GWT Compiler PyCharm WingIDE Wart of the Scala Programming language Scala Center at EPFL Intellij SBT Maven Setup Tools npm Gulp Gradle ivy coursier Sonatype wart remover scala reform scala fmt Ammonite Spark Scala REPL iPython Ammonite Source scala.js Tessel React.js Typescript Scala-js Facades Scala nightly builds Scala 3.0 (dotty) Scala-native Scala Users Forum Scala Contrubtors Forum Scala Native Gitter Scala JS Gitter Scala GitterI/O Polling audience questions [42:32] scikit learn pandas nd4s Spark Play Framework Ammonite ShellPicks [45:04] OpenScope MZ Breadboard Power Supply Deep Work Eastern Coastal LoopEvent Loop [53:48] Singapore Scala Programmers Meetup MakerFaire SingaporeElectric Plug – Connect with Haoyi [55:53] Haoyi’s Github Haoyi’s Blog Haoyi’s Talks