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We Build SG LIVE

Chinmay and Sayanee

We Build SG LIVE
--2017 AUG 5
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Introduction [0:36] Mozillian Tripe Soup Budapest Mozilla Tech Speaker RustaceanRust Programming Language[4:17] Rust 1.0 Rust in 2010 Where the rust name came from Servo Graydon Hoare Ocaml Rust in Firefox Rust at Dropbox Rust at npm Rust Foreign Function Interface Rust From the Back to the Front Rust fmt prettier standardjs eslint atom-rust Intellij Rust cargo npm make x86 in Rust toml History of Rust Rust Code of Conduct Rust Reddit Rust IRC #rust-beginners Rust Conf Rust Fest Berlin Rust Fest Kyiv Rust Fest Zurich Rust Belt Rust System programming language Zero cost abstractions What do Rust’s buzzwords like “safe” and “zero-cost abstraction” mean RedoxI/O Polling audience questions [40:32] Rust on microcontrollers TS100 Soldering Iron Rust on TS100 Tock OS RFCs for Rust Rust Ownership non-lexical lifetimeRapid Fire [46:34] vi twitter Pandemic Legacy Nintendo Switch Web VR Day Dream Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies Javascript Arch LinuxPicks [49:48] Pesto Rosso Mangosteen Rescue Time Bluetooth Door Lock Ubertooth One The Amp Hour Chris Gammel Dave Jones Art Science Museum Into the Wild Rust Fest Rust Fest Mozilla Developer RoadshowElectric Plug – Connect with Flaki [57:26] Fronteers Clouduboy Flaki’s Twitter Flaki’s Github