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We Build SG LIVE

Chinmay and Sayanee

We Build SG LIVE
--2017 SEP 2
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Introduction [1:26] Blockchain TenX Smart Nation FellowshipBitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain and decentralization[5:22] Satoshi Bitcoin Distributed Ledger Consensus Litecoin Ethereum Solidity Smart Contracts Self Sovereign Identity Indorse Decentralized autonomous organization Bitcoin Energy Consumption Proof of Work Proof of Stake Initial Coin Offering Golem Scammed by a Slackbot Scams getting worse JavaScript Rust Webuild SG on Rust with Flaki EC2 Bitcoin Full Node vs Lightweight Nodes testrpc BlockFolio CoinCap TenX Wallet - Android & iOS uPort COMIT NetworkI/O Polling audience questions [39:45] Ethereum Development SolidityRapid Fire [43:58] Sublime Text Hacker News Reddit Starcraft Cubetto Rust Mr. Robot Promises async/awaitPicks [47:50] Bats Overcast.fm uBlox Get it done guy Hook Coffee StandardJS Airbnb Javascript Style Guide Airbnb rules for eslintEvent Loop - Local events [54:32] Mozilla Developer Roadshow Wordcamp Singapore 2017Electric Plug – Connect with U-Zyn [55:33] U-Zyn’s Website U-Zyn’s Github Bitcoin Singapore Ethereum Singapore