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We Build SG LIVE

Chinmay and Sayanee

We Build SG LIVE
--2017 OCT 14
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Introduction [1:31] Viki Responsive Web Design Data Visualisation SASSScalable Vector Graphics (SVG)[2:58] Scalable Vector Graphics XML CSS Replacement SMIL CSS Animation SVG and CSS SVG g tag SVG Path SVG Icon Fonts Icon Fonts Image Sprites SVG Sprites New Zealand Visual Itinerary Sarah Drasner Huggy Laser Pandas - SVG Game Snap.svg Embeding SVGs Canvas d3-js Adobe Illustrator Inkscape Sketch App Green Sock Animation (GSAP) Zell Liew SVG OMG SVGO Species in Pieces SVG 2.0 The SVG 2 Conundrum Mesh Gradient SVG Working Group IETF 100 New Zealand Visual Itinerary MapBox First do it, then do it right.. Rapid Fire [40:13] Hui Jing’s Twitter Zell Liew Rachel Andrews Jen Simmons Chris Lilley Aysha’s Twitter Rise of the Tomb Raider Python Grace of Kings talkCSS Javascript Ghibli museum FreesoundPicks [46:09] Skills Future Credit NLB Mobile app Nutrition Diva Podcast High School Trignometry Love You To Bits Monument Valey Becoming a Supple Leopard A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms Grace of KingsEvent Loop - Local events [57:23] iOS Conf SG Geek Brunch Geek Camp Becoming a Tech Conference Speaker Mobile Era IETF 100Electric Plug – Connect with Aysha [59:25] Aysha’s Blog Aysha’s Codepen Aysha’s Twitter