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We Build SG LIVE

Chinmay and Sayanee

We Build SG LIVE
--2017 NOV 4
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Introduction [0:42] Hackware Edgis-Security Cybersecurity Awareness Alliance Div0Cybersecurity awareness [4:44] SQL Injection Access Control Cryptography Penetration Testing Emil’s Twitter Coursera Udemy edX Khan Academy Coursera Cryptography Course Applied Cryptography National Cybersecurity Strategy Personal Data Protection General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR PDPC Guidelines Responsible Disclosure Bug Bounties SingCertRapid Fire [40:00] Hearthstone Exploding Kittens The Oatmeal Packet Squirrel Battlestar Galactica Div0 Python DefconPicks [44:15] Keybase.io PGP MIT PGP Server resin.io Security Now Telegram Bots xkcd - Python Div0 November 2017 Meetup We Build SGEvent Loop - Local events [49:28] Geekcamp.sg JSConf.asia Div0 November 2017 Meetup Infosec in the City Joe Fitz Joe Fitz on the Amp Hour Infosec in the City - ticketsElectric Plug – Connect with Emil [55:13] Emil’s Twitter