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We Build SG LIVE

Chinmay and Sayanee

We Build SG LIVE
--2018 JAN 6
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Introduction [2:18] SingaporeCSS Meetup Cookies SaasCSS in large web apps [7:31] !important rule reset css normalize css jquery CSS grid CSS floats CSS flex-box grunt gulp webpack cascade atomic css smacss BEM CSS Modules Harry Roberts CSS with Namespaces bootstrap yandex talk.css prettify nano xkcd regular expressions CSS autoprefixer caniuse kerning variable fonts serifs color fontsRapid Fire [38:45] modem sound explaination nano rss css-tricks My First Carcassonne Civilisation React swiftI/O Polling audience questions [44:47] webpack grunt gulpPicks [47:00] TED Radio Hour Meltdown and Spectre Makefile The Next Billion Seconds Genevieve BellEvent Loop - Local events [51:06] Infosec in the City Hack and Roll Talk.CSS max-content edition Talk.CSS max-content edition JS Conf FOSS Asia SingaporeCSS MeetupElectric Plug – Connect with Chris [59:58] Chris’s Twitter Chris’s Tumblr Singapore CSS Gitter KopiJS