The Future of Learning

Lloyd Dean

The Future of Learning
32 min2018 SEP 16
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Kevin M Yates is a "Fact Finder for Learning & Development". An expert on data driven learning, Kevin provides us with some fantastic ideas and concepts to apply to our learning strategy.

This episode follows on from our conversation with Stacey Hatch on the topic of measuring impact (https://anchor.fm/dashboard/episode/e1vdtb) and it's no surprise that Kevin and Stacey both mention Jack and Patti Phillips' ROI approach as a great way to measure performance improvement.

We discuss xAPI, data approaches and questions to ask stakeholders!

Sources and Resources mentioned during the show:

Kevin's website - https://kevinmyates.com/

LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/kevinmyates

Facebook - facebook.com/kevmyates

Twitter - twitter.com/kevinmyates

Jack and Patti Phillips from the ROI Institute - https://roiinstitutecanada.com/

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