The Future of Learning

Lloyd Dean

The Future of Learning
51 min2018 SEP 23
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In this episode we explore the things to consider if you're looking to scale up your VR projects and my guest is expert Sam Watts.

Sam is actively engaged in the immersive technology community, living his passion for VR and games for Make Real. Sam has delivered and supported dozens of digital products at Zynga, NCsoft, Kerb and Epic. Clients have included BBC, Channel 4, EDF Energy, Sky and Sony PlayStation.

Sam’s commitment to the VR community means that he is an in-demand panelist and commentator on the emergence of VR. Maintaining close relationships with industry leaders such as Oculus, HTC/Valve and Sony, Sam also ensures that Make Real has early access to all key emerging technologies.

Check out Sam on Twitter - https://twitter.com/vr_sam

Read Sam's Articles - https://medium.com/@vr_sam/interviews-quotes-blog-posts-more-3ecf3eee2d16

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