The Future of Learning

Lloyd Dean

The Future of Learning
55 min2018 JUL 29
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This show is the start of my "reference list" chapter and my guest is Danny Seals and we discuss lots of things including Danny's podcast "The Mindchimp podcast"

Danny’s podcast is just great. It’s slightly different to some of the others out there as he explores the person behind the role. The benefit of this is a very rich conversation. Whenever I listen to an episode of Danny’s podcast I find myself being submerged in the conversation that he is having with his guest. This means I usually end up having my opinion and thoughts on the conversation they are having and will work through “problems” with them.

Listening to Danny’s podcast during the commute in the morning is like a warm up for my day!

Follow Danny - https://twitter.com/Dannyboy83
Listen to the Mindchimp Podcast - https://mindchimp.podbean.com/

Book mentioned in the show:
"You've been publicly shamed" https://www.amazon.co.uk/So-Youve-Been-Publicly-Shamed/dp/1594487138

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