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The mBraining Show
68 min2016 JUL 8
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Combining Horse Therapy with mBraining.
Cheryl is a facilitator of horse therapy and has lived and learned life's lessons through horses. She feels that horses are amazing teachers and great co-facilitators of human growth and development, as they provide instant feedback into how you are living your life - who you are being and how you show up in the world – the only thing we need to do is listen.

Discovering Tai Chi 30 yrs ago, led to Cheryl’s growing explorations in the energetic and emotional connections between horses and humans and the links and concepts of the 3 tan tiens, breath and energy, to connect with the mind, body and spirit of horse, opening up a whole new way of practicing horsemanship, that she subsequently discovered, could be applied to learning, personal growth and authentic leadership.

With a BA in Recreation Leadership and Outdoor Education, she is passionate about nature based interactions and has been involved in the field of experiential growth and learning, having been a facilitator of human potential, for most of her life, along with tutoring in this at the University of Hong Kong.
Horse Therapy
The rise in neuroscience research over more recent years provided additional insights, and with it, increasing explorations in how human emotions and the functioning of the nervous system affected horse/human connections.

Formal training in the field of Equine Facilitated Learning beginning 10 yrs ago, led her to officially combine her love of horses and human development. Cheryl is trained in a number of coaching and facilitation models in this field, and with a passion for integrating body, mind and spirit, conducts horse therapy for personal and professional development and embodied presence and leadership programs, both in house and in the field in partnership with Horse.

With her discovery of mBIT just over 3 years ago, Cheryl embraced the science behind the practice, and with its strong alignment to her work, became an mBIT Coach and Coach Trainer. She also is a co-founder at The Centre for Equine Experiential Learning which provides facilitation and coach training for those wishing to embark on a career of partnering horses and humans.

She conducts Head, Heart, Hara and Horses programs, - with her practice and programs going beyond traditional head based learning and explicit knowing of concepts, to embrace Somatics as a change theory, by which people can embody transformation, both individually and collectively. The power of embodied transformation being the foundational change that shows in our actions, our ways of being and doing, relating, and perceiving.

She conducts programs for Cultivating Self-Generative Leaders Through Embodied Presence and somatic awareness, and works with managers, leaders, coaches, educators and therapists to be more effective and embodied leaders and professionals, who have increased capacity and resilience for supporting themselves and their clients.

She feels that whether leading your own life, leading others, or leading a horse, requires the ability to be fully embodied, present, aware, clear, consistent and congruent and her programs are courses of study that move participants through and from the explicit facts and knowledge, to the embodiment of skills and implicit knowing, which are ultimately the practices that create the balance between being and doing.
In the words of Dr. Thomas Hanna, "If you can sense it, you can feel it. And if you can feel it, you can change it."

Cheryl Cruttenden
Horse Therapy Facilitation & Program Development
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