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62 min2016 MAY 9
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Raising Autistic Children a mums perspective.

Raising Autistic Children. Christel Land an mBIT Coach and Trainer and was born to an American father and a Danish mother, who were in to health foods (macrobiotics) and grew up around the health center that they ran for many years. The international flavour of her upbringing has given her the gift of being fluent in 4 languages (Swedish, Danish, English, German), and she has since learnt an additional two languages (French, Mandarin Chinese).

When it was time to choose her field of study, Christel wanted to make a difference in the world and in some way concluded studying international politics was the best route to go :-)

During her studies, Christel started working in a European based company and quickly ended up in the management of the company and later completed an MBA from the University of Leicester.

In 2008 while living in the UK, Christel met her husband, and joined ActionCoach, the world’s biggest business coaching organisation. Learning business coaching through them taught her a lot of the hands-on, practical tools that are useful for smaller businesses, especially in the area of marketing.

Christel never had any experience what it's like Raising Austistic Children until she became a mother. Her first born Kian who is 5 has autism diagnosis and Felix who is 2 does not.
What may help when Raising Autistic Children
About a year ago, a friend of Christel's in the UK told here about mBraining and she instantly bought the book. After reading it she immediately signed up to become a coach and a trainer.

In the beginning of May Christel will be running the first ever Coach Certification in Danish here in Copenhagen, and will be running the first ever Coach Certification in Sweden in Stockholm in the beginning of June.

The past 15 years of her professional life have centred around leadership, change management and entrepreneurship. Since 2015 Christel has been running her consulting company, One Degree Consulting, where she coaches and consults small to medium sized businesses across Europe.

Christel loves to cook as a creative outlet, as well as yoga, travelling and exploring new cultures and places. Today's chat with Christel is amongst other things about how mBIT gave her unique insights into her sons Autism.

www.mbraining.dk (http://www.mbraining.dk)
www.mbraining.se (http://www.mbraining.se)


00:19 Introduction
07:33 Emotional trauma could cause physical damage
15:47 Dealing with the diagnosis
22:34 Most things can be learned
32:33 Inflammatory food
42:30 Behavioral observation
51:24 Food is a tool
58:07 How to reach Christel


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You're listening to the M, brining show, a show about the new field of ambit, where you'll get a blend of neuroscience based research with practical applications for wise living. And now, here's your host, Bill Gasiamis.
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As a coach, one of the things that I've learned since I began, this part of my journey is that in order to turn up and be able to hold the space for my clients, so that they feel safe and nurtured, I must be able to sit without judgment, whilst not projecting my model of the world, on my client, as this will not be honoring their process.

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Projecting would make me no different to the caring friend that's offering advice that comes from the right place, but is often not that useful. I realized early on that I myself needed regular coaching.

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And the more I engage with amazing coaches, helping me to deal with my own challenges, the better coach, I became, I still receive regular coaching. Because like a sports team, the coach doesn't turn up once and the team wins the league. The job is not done in one session.

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The top sports people making a living from their craft who remain at the top in their field know the power of ongoing coaching.