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66 min2019 DEC 5
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How relating to others evolves with mBraining.
Would your relationships benefit from being able to relate to your family in a better way? In this episode with Erico Crosina we explore how mBraining changes the way you relate to others.
Enrico Crosina is an mBIT Trainer and mBIT Master Coach. He Trained with Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu and is now coaching clients from Newcastle in Australia. You can connect with Enrico at www.enricocrosina.com (http://enricocrosina.com/)
Enrico 0:00
You know what I believe mBraining gives. And when people say, if you have to tell me one thing that mBraining will give me, and I always most of the time always apart from courage is awareness, because when you became aware of your paterns and what you do and what you say, you start asking yourself, what did I just say that? Why did I say that? And if you really go inward instead of going outward going inside, you understand you start really feeling understanding why you say that
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You are listening to the mBraining Show, a show about the new field of mBIT, where you'll get a blend of neuroscience based research with practical applications for wise living. And now here's your host Bill Gasiamis.
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Go along to revealsolutions.com.au click the shop link and check them out for international listeners outside of the Asia Pacific region go to revealsolutions.co.uk My guest today is Enrico Crosina. Enrico is an mBIT Master coach and mBIT master trainer Enrico . Welcome to the podcast.
Enrico 2:05
Thank you for accepting me. Thank you for having me with you.
Bill 2:08
Yeah, thanks for being here, man. You used to live in Italy, right?
Enrico 2:14
Yeah, I born and grow in Italy until in 19 sorry, in 2005 I had an encounter, and meet the person that really transformed my vision of life in the way I approach and feel about life. And I decided she's Australian, of course, and I've been up and down for two years, every four weeks, four weeks in Italy, six weeks, Australia up and down six, seven times a year for two years.
Enrico 2:40
I had enough and then we had our first kid in 2007 just after Christmas. And you know, I was coming back to Australia and I was seeing this kid and I was going to pick up my son and I could see this little things are slipping back. So you know (inaudible) I don't like that.
Enrico 3:00
I'd really like to squeeze and play with my kids. So I decided we kind of the best I can to say that so we moved in 10 years now 2009, July 2009. And I've been here since then.
Bill 3:15
Well, man, I was going to ask you, what was it like to make a decision to move from another country to Australia. And the reason I was going to ask is, I didn't understand the circumstances under which you moved. So you had something motivating you to come here.
Bill 3:31
But I reflect back on, you know, my parents and a lot of other Italian families and Greek families and all sorts of different families that come to Australia.