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The Teaching Tips and Tales Podcast: Education| Teaching | Learning

Adam Samuel

The Teaching Tips and Tales Podcast: Education| Teaching | Learning
36 min2015 NOV 4
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In this interview, we discuss the importance of Education and literacy skills in prison. As an educated woman with a degree in Social Administration, Psychology and Criminology Lesley volunteered during her time in prison as a Toe by Toe Peer Mentor to help inmates build literacy skills. A 2015 Financial Times article entitled "How reading can change prisoners’ lives" referenced Lesley's work in prison and wrote of how many of the women Lesley taught could not recognise the alphabet, yet were reading a whole book at the end of five months.Whilst out on daily ROTL (Release on Temporary Licence) meaning that she could do volunteer work outside, Lesley gave a lecture on the importance of reading and literacy in rehabilitating prisoners. Lesley is also a recovering alcoholic and gives up her time to help three individuals overcome their addiction. We also talk about how she came across the reading group, how the group developed during her time in prison and the positive effects reading can have on prisoners who lack skills and education, as well as what direction education should take in prisons.