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The Teaching Tips and Tales Podcast: Education| Teaching | Learning

Adam Samuel

The Teaching Tips and Tales Podcast: Education| Teaching | Learning
34 min2015 DEC 14
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Born and raised in London, Alex Rawlings is a language teacher, blogger and polyglot currently living in Valencia, Spain. Incredibly at only 24 years old Alex can communicate effectively in 13 languages and is an inspiration to language learners around the world. In 2012, whilst an undergraduate at Oxford University Alex was awarded the prize of "Most Multilingual Student" by the publishers Harper Collins for his ability to effectively communicate in 11 languages. Whilst teaching Spanish at a Secondary school in London I came across a video of Alex showcasing his language skills and showed it to my students to inspire and encourage them. A few years later I contacted Alex for an interview and was delighted to be able to ask him questions about language learning. We dive into a number of topics and some of the questions I asked were ...How and why have you reached such a fluent level in so many languages? do you ever confuse the different languages you speak? How can language teachers encourage reluctant teachers to learn languages? How have languages benefited you? among others! Enjoy listening!