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The Teaching Tips and Tales Podcast: Education| Teaching | Learning

Adam Samuel

The Teaching Tips and Tales Podcast: Education| Teaching | Learning
55 min2016 JUN 6
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Although I only recently became familiar with the Greek psychologist Helen Abadzi’s work, she is already an inspiration to me. I first heard of Dr. Abadzi. whilst reading Michael Erard’s book “Babbel No More” The Search for the World’s Most extraordinary language learners . She was interviewed for the book because she is a polyglot who speaks 19 languages. Her linguistic ability has shaped her career as a senior education Specialist for the World Bank. Dr. Abadzi’s main focus is on improving the learning for marginalized students. One of her most important publications is ‘Efficient Learning for the Poor’ published in 2006, which in my opinion is a fascinating and eye-opening read. In this interview, we discuss her research for that book as well as more recent research that she has carried out over the last 10 years with a particular focus on the importance of automaticity in learning and the scientific benefits of old fashioned drill. So here is my interview with Dr. Abadzi.