A Date With Dateline

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A Date With Dateline
74 MIN2018 MAR 13
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Dennis is enough Murphy walks us through the perilous parable of a predatory preacher from the Pennsylvania Pocono’s, who uses the power of the pulpit to act as a philandering playboy with his female parishioners. But as the sinister ministers wives keep dying it becomes a very hairy situation indeed… spanning two families and a police department who want this man of God to pay for his sins once and for all. Kimberly and Katie are ready with an in depth bible study of the ten commandments, a quick look at what might be hiding in your local Sbarro’s trash receptacle and most important of all, will either of them be able pronounce parsonage correctly? Dennis take the wheel in this very special episode of A Date with Dateline.
The Official Description from NBC:
The wife of a Pennsylvania pastor is rushed to the hospital. Dateline NBC’s Dennis Murphy reports.
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