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Dark Veil with John & Tori

Dark Veil Podcast

Dark Veil with John & Tori
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In this episode, we discuss a man named Kai - or Caleb McGillvary as he was named by his parents.   Kai became a celebrity over night by saving some people when a crazed man tried to attack them (he was even featured on the Jimmy Kimmel Show).  Kai also reportedly committed a crime only months later, and was sentenced to 57 years in prison as a result.  Join us as we discuss this very interesting story.  This is an episode of True Crime and murder.   Audio clips were from the  Fox affiliate KMPH in Fresno interview with Kai (Jessob Reisbeck was the person who uploaded it, and did the interview in 2013.)  Other sources used in this podcast include Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kai_the_Hatchet-Wielding_Hitchhiker , an article written by Suzanne Russell: https://www.mycentraljersey.com/story/news/crime/2019/04/24/kai-hitchhiker-found-guilty-murder-nj/3564566002/ , and the Kai the Hickhiker Legal Suppor Page on Facebook.  We also referenced Kai's personal Facebook page in this episode.    As always, we can be reached at darkveilpodcast@gmail.com !  We also set up a Facebook page:  Dark Veil Podcast with John & Tori , please look us up.   Thank you for listening.