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Jack and Jane


Jack and Jane
98 min2020 NOV 8
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Hello Again! (Please read the disclaimer at the bottom!) 

This episode, Courtney starts us off with a vey historically entertaining spoopy about the Red Onion Saloon in Alaska. Next, Ronnie tells us about the serial killer Robert Hanson...who ironically was also in Alaska. After that Courtney talks about a true crime case that had her OBSESSED for a week! PLEASE PLEASE start discussions on these in the Facebook Group! We wanna talk about any of these and hear what your opinions are! 

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Today's episode was a rough one. Even though we do choose to talk about these stories, at times they can make us uncomfy and so our coping mechanisms in life are laughing during inappropriate times and making dark jokes. Classy? Not quite, Villainous? Of course not. Most people react the same. I did debate for 2 weeks, on wether to delete the joke, or keep it, and ultimately I choose to include it, for multiple reasons. Even if you disagree with my choices, please give me a chance to explain them. 

1. The 1st amendment. The freedom of speech, is one I believe most of us take for granted. We may not always agree with what other individuals say but once we start deciding to limit what people can say, where do we stop? Where does it end? 1984 taught me that's not a world I want to live in. 

2. I truly believe that comedy shouldn't have rules (1st amendment) and that it was created to push the line. Keep us thinking. Keep us questioning things. Which leads us to....

3. This is a real subject that we should be questioning! There are actual men and women (Not Ronnie...I swear) that believe that narrative. That sex workers cannot be sexually assaulted or that they are some how less important than other people and unfortunately there are police who believe the same. WHY? Why does society say these people don't matter? Or they deserve it? This is a good topic to discuss or at least ponder.

If the joke hurt anyone, I'm genuinely sorry. Please understand that neither him nor I are unsympathetic as I am also a survivor. 


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