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Jack and Jane


Jack and Jane
125 min2020 SEP 21
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Hey guys! Thank you so much for being patient with us during this time. We bring to you this super episode! It's extra long and we have Mark on as a guest! Ronnie brings you the story of Pzuzu. Not the demon exactly, but the murderer who is often referred to as the small town Charles Manson. Courtney talks about the famous Stanley Hotel, beginning her series of the states most haunted places. (As brought you to by the opinions of the internet...not every article says the same place.) 

DISCLAIMER: This episode does have intense moments...also there's a lot of just talking after the stories and we all tell personal ghost stories as well! This episode does have a lot of creepiness! I hope we didn't disappoint! 

ALSO THANK YOU TO OUR LISTENERS IN IRELAND, BELGIUM, GERMANY, CANADA, AND BRAZIL! I just looked at our stats but know that you are getting a shout out and stories from your parts of the world! 

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