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That's Spooky

Tyler Hyde & Johnny Cann | Morbid Network

That's Spooky
115 minJAN 13
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Legends, divas, and icons only! This week Tyler and Johnny discuss the disappearance of Leah Roberts and the case of the Papin Sisters (aka the murders of Léonie and Geneviève Lancelin). Plus: Platypi are everything (actually), Boo-Teacups are almost gone, and hackers find their way into people's pants in a big way. Join the Secret Society That Doesn't Suck for exclusive weekly mini episodes, livestreams, and a whole lot more! https://www.patreon.com/thatsspooky Boo-Teacups are available for pre-order! Get yours at http://www.thatsspooky.com/store Check out our website for show notes, photos, and more at thatsspooky.com (http://www.thatsspooky.com/) Follow us on Instagram for photos from today’s episode and all the memes @thatsspookypod (https://www.instagram.com/thatsspookypod) We're on Twitter! Follow us at @thatsspookypod (https://www.twitter.com/thatsspookypod) Don’t forget to send your spooky stories to thatsspookypod@gmail.com