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A Frame Apart

Ariel Fisher & Bob Barrow

A Frame Apart
93 min2018 AUG 12
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This week on A Frame Apart, we start the episode with a discussion of the Academy's latest bumble - the addition of a Best Popular Film category.

But the meat of the episode takes on a total different vibe. This week we're looking at Glengarry Glen Ross VS The Women, and gender performativity. We discuss what makes the toxic masculinity of Glengarry so fascinating, while comparing the 2008 The Women to its 1939 counterpart, and the positivity of emotional honesty.

We also put out a question to our listeners - would you like us to do an Oscars episode this year? The 91st Academy Awards will be broadcasting on February 6th, 2019, and we actually want to talk about it for a change! So on tell us - would you rather us do an in-depth look at this year's Academy Awards, scrutinizing what went right, what went wrong, and how we think they can improve? Or would you prefer us to do a preliminary episode before the broadcast about the Oscars of years past?

You can reach out by email at aframeapartcast@gmail.com, or let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or, if you want to slide into our DM's, Instagram.