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APPC: Pilot Season

GD Thompson & Richard Cockburn

APPC: Pilot Season
94 min2020 NOV 14
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oh, this is some low energy podcasting. LOW energy LOW energy L-O N-R-GEEEEE... over 40 minutes of silence cut from a 130 minute episode and another 10 minutes could be cut but... f**k it. I'm not made of time. we discuss the latest episode of The Mandalorian - The Heiress, digress left, right and straight into the gutter. -Housekeeping- RATE! REVIEW! SUBSCRIBE!! we’ve moved to Anchor so help us out with some reviews and ratings. Why don’t you follow us on twitter? huh? why? https://twitter.com/APPodC https://twitter.com/RDdotC https://twitter.com/GDdotT of course you could also keep the trend going now it’s started and email us at auralpleasurepod@gmail.com PayPal.me/GDdotT any help right now would be wonderful… you could also buy something off G’s eBay tinyurl.com/GDdotT