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Blackout & Shout Podcast

Mike Kingcaid, Levi Curry & Jed Vargo

Blackout & Shout Podcast
296 MIN2018 MAY 28
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On this episode of Blackout & Shout, we discuss MP sex bots, test Mike on his Aerialbots knowledge, complete total global saturation, discuss the new Optimus Prime MP, The Toys that Made Us, Back and Forth, The Adventures of Tatto Lee, and Nate's Journey to The Land of the Rising Sun.Join us as we talk Transformers and other nerd news, including movies, tv, and comics. Enjoy! Subscribe! Leave a review!0:00 - Sex Bots01:07 - Intro02:13 - Mike's contribution to the TF community08:26 - Episode 47 14:08 - Levi's Shoutouts15:09 - Jed's Shoutouts21:37 - Mike's Shoutouts24:36 - Mike's Haul25:10 - Jed's Haul46:22 - Levi's Haul52:57 - Lee's Haul58:33 - Nerd News2:17:32 - Sex Bots2:27:04 - 80s Trivia2:32:21 - Weird News 2:36:15 - Toy News3:49:24 - Listener's Questions