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Chronicle the Podcast


Chronicle the Podcast
17 MIN2019 AUG 10
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Alzheimer’s Disease is a relentless force, stealing patients’ dignity and emotionally exhausting their family, caregivers, and friends. How do we fight back? With a citizen army, says one doctor in the field: men and women willing to volunteer for clinical trials that expand our knowledge of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Anthony Everett takes us inside Butler Hospital, one of the top research centers in the world, to meet some members of this citizen army. For Peter Bristol, the first person to sign up for one drug trial, the mission is rooted in family history: his mother, grandmother, uncle, and brother have all succumbed to dementia and Alzheimer’s. For Dave Kalberer, it’s very personal; a genetic test revealed he carries markers for the disease. Plus, Anthony reports on a billion-dollar effort underway to find breakthrough treatments in the next decade.
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