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Convicted Cinephiles

The League Of Manchildren

Convicted Cinephiles
70 min2015 FEB 6
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We give you a different kind of Convicted Cinephiles for this special episode. Kyle Brown and Eric Kimelton from In Development join Matty and Stevil for a look back at the movies of 2014.

These are our Staff Picks of the Week!

Michael Mann's had some issues creating a decent film over the last decade and, according to Stevil, he's still got a way to go because Blackhat still falls short of the mark. A good premise, great cinematography and a likeable lead doesn't save this movie from being mediocre and completely underwhelming. Stevil did a full review on this film you can check out here!

Matty is currently studying his ass off to better his mind and career. Doesn't mean he can't take a break to bend that mind with an 80s Gilliam classic. Brazil is exactly that film, a future set film about a man totally bogged down by his mundane life and dreams of an escape. Told in the brilliant style that only the beloved Terry Gilliam can do, this film consistently entrances the viewer and is a staple of the Criterion Collection. Just don't talk about Love Conquers All...

There's a certain way Kyle prefers his Michael Fassbender performances and that's wearing a giant paper mache head. This works out perfectly for his viewing of Frank, which follows the title character, the enigmatic lead singer of an indie rock band, who constantly walks around wearing a fake head. Is that intriguing enough for you? How about adding Domnhall Gleeson, Maggie Gylenhaal and Scoot McNairy (Scoot, Scoot) to the mix? That got you!

We get an advance recommendation, as Eric got to check out a screening of Matthew Vaughn's new Mark Millar adaptation The Kingsman: Secret Service. Colin Firth lead this fun, coarse language and bloody violence filled James Bond-esque action film. Definitely franchise worthy and worthy getting a theatrical viewing, this movie goes North America wide on February 13th!

For our main topic of the episode, we break down 2014 into four categories:

Surprises: What movies blew through our expectations? From controversial comedies to bio-pics to balls out insane action films, it was a cool year for under-appreciated movies.

Disappointments: We all have super high hopes when it comes to certain films, whether it be huge ensemble films or even one just thrown into the mix because, well, it's just hilarious. Harry Connick Jr. needs to at least make one relevant list this year!

Worst of the Year: How many Michael Bay kerosene and gunpowder soaked turds do we have to watch before we finally get it?

Best of the Year: This was a very exceptional year for movies, in all areas. We got space rogues, 12 year journeys, jazz masterpieces and more, but what truly was the best?

So, what are your lists for 2014? Listen to the episode and let us know your picks in the comments below! Also check out our brand new Instagram