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Convicted Cinephiles

The League Of Manchildren

Convicted Cinephiles
48 min2015 MAR 4
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With the 87th Annual Academy Awards having been presented this past Sunday, the boys welcome the Los Angeles branch of Convicted Cinephiles, Make Believe Picture Company's Kyle Brown and Eric Kimelton back for the second annual breakdown of the winners of the top prize in the film business.

Stevil starts off the episode with is curiosity about some street art that showed up in L.A. before the awards and the guys suggest a possible combining of forces with a guerilla art piece that showed up in East Vancouver last year. The highs and lows of the Neil Patrick Harris hosted telecast are discussed and it's pretty well decided, yeah, that Oscar prediction gag was landed flat. David Oyelowo's tux though? Damn, that was sweet.

For the awards presented, the Cinephiles weigh in on the big ones. Did anyone see that Big Hero 6 win coming? Is there disappointment over the Birdman sweep and Boyhood snub? Was Boyhood's hype four weeks too late and how angry is Eric over Julianne Moore's Still Alice win? Listen in for the hilarious answer!

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