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Geek News General


Geek News General
67 MIN2017 OCT 21
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Our first ever POD CROSSOVER EVENT! (Video versions on ComicBookIntl.com ) Starting on our other CBI podcast “ABOVE & BATMAN BEYOND,” we continue our NY Comic Con 2017 LIVE vidcast interviews. Today’s coverage: cosplay interviews from con, Funko, Diamond Select Toys, Artist’s Alley--as well as our host, Benjamin David’s Thursday con recap, recorded on Friday 10/6/17. Again, today’s episode and Ep 6 of Above and Batman Beyond are both partly vidcasts, so look for many of these same interviews in video form on our main site ComicBookIntl.com
-Don’t forget to check out our "Above and Batman Beyond" Podcast as well. Available on iTunes, Soundcloud and BATMANBEYONDPODCAST.COM
-Listen for more from Benjamin David, host of both “Above” and “Geek News” and Managing Editor of COMICBOOKINTL.COM. Find new episodes of “Above” on iTunes and please write us a 5 star review if you like the show!
-Also available on SoundCloud and GEEKNEWSBATNEWS.COM. @ComicBookIntl on both Twitter and Instagram; @BatmanBeyondPodcast on Instagram and Facebook; @BatmanBeyondPod on Twitter; BatmanBeyondPod@Gmail.com. This podcast is hosted, produced and edited by Benjamin David. Theme Music by Exsanguinator: @Exsanguinator1 on Twitter; Podcast Art by Courtney Delenn Slater: @CDSGraphics on Instagram and @CDS_Graphics on Twitter. Today’s guests were Jon Sommariva, Yoko McCann, and Zach Oat. GEEK NEWS GENERAL is not an official production of DC Comics, Warner Bros., Batman Beyond, Star Wars, Lucasfilm, AMC, The Walking Dead, or any other company, property and/or license mentioned on this recording or on ComicBookIntl.com. The thoughts and opinions shared by the participants of this podcast are theirs and theirs alone and therefore do not represent the companies or organizations they happen to work for.