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Charlie Tarabour

Late Cinema Podcast
136 min2018 JUL 4
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"Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy..." Allen Ginsberg knew to power of the holy and so does Charlie on this sanctified episode where he talks to writer/photographer/archivist Casey Winkleman about the spiritual aspects of cinema. Religous themes and spirituality form our lives in ways obvious and hidden, especially how we make and recieve art. From the devotional to the profane, there's a world to cover that goes back to the origins of human history. Films discussed include: FIRST REFORMED, THE SACRIFICE, MIRROR, ANDREI RUBLEV, THE PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC, 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, KUNDUN, THE COLOR OF PARADISE, THE FLOWERS OF ST. FRANCIS, SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, WINTER...AND SPRING, UNCLE BOONME WHO CAN RECALL HIS PAST LIVES, and more. 
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This episode is brought you by the Catholic Church.