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Mifflinfinity - A Podcast About The Office

Seb Patrick

Mifflinfinity - A Podcast About The Office
29 MIN2017 NOV 20
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At least two people said they quite liked the pilot run, so it looks like we're doing this thing at least through to the end of the first season! Seb continues his run through The Office with an episode that, for the first time, deals with a plot the UK show couldn't really have done.Although technically now out of our "pilot" run, this podcast is still a work-in-progress, so if you're listening and you have any feedback about the direction of the show, please get in touch on @p4_podcast or @sebpatrick.PLEASE NOTE: This podcast discusses episodes of The Office in the wider context of the show, and while we try not to outright give away future plot developments in detail, we do assume a certain amount of knowledge as to roughly what happens to the characters over the seasons that follow. If you are trying to watch the show completely unspoiled we do not recommend listening to the podcast until you have!