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100 min2015 DEC 16
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It's a cool Yule with the ghouls as the MORTIS crew return to the lounge for their year-end HOLIDAY BASH! EVIL DEAD 2's hillbilly supreme, DANNY HICKS stops by to discuss all things Bobby Joe including his new musical project, The Tim-O and Danny Hicks Brain Invasion AND what it's really like to work with Bruce Campbell; CJ RAMONE of the world famous RAMONES sits down with our resident musicologist Shane Parkey for an exclusive HOUSE OF WAX interview; William Wright chats with musicians Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka of the legendary horror band MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE about their new holiday release CHRISTMAS: A GHOSTLY GATHERING; The ever-angry David Ward is iffy about SyFy in an all new NEGATIVE SPACE feature; Stephen Semones returns to the film vault to light a fire under THE WICKER MAN; We discuss what happened the last time there was a STAR WARS release this time of year AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!