Punch It: Writing in Star Trek

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Punch It: Writing in Star Trek
39 MIN2018 ENE. 18
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Rewriting Star Trek: Voyager's "Elogium"

This week was Star Trek: Voyager's 23rd anniversary and we just had to go back to our roots and talk some Delta Quadrant. We used to rewrite episodes all the time on our old show but not so much here. This was a treat because the character of Kes is such a rich area. When we rewrite we try not to pick the best episodes or the worst. Elogium is right there in the middle and so it was fun to play with.

One major criticism of Voyager was its ability to reset. Should Kes have conceived a child? Should she have conceived a child with Neelix? Was the magnetic field necessary? Also, why aren't the Ocampans extinct? Find out all this and more by listening.