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Real Housewives of Neopia

Stephanie Lee

Real Housewives of Neopia
33 MINMAY 12
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i contemplate which real housewives might be my dead mom's favorite, and recap my first gettogether with my dad in months. i try my hardest to trick him into liking tom sandoval's music. the rock of love season one girls are at it again in 2020, and the drama covered in episode 2 continues to escalate. i break it down so you don't have to watch several hours of content! i also celebrate rose and lana from 90 day fiance: before the 90 days (it's what she deserves). the episode is rounded out by a quick discussion about 2010's bridalplasty, continuing my plastic surgery competition show arc.

personal ig: @botoxgroupon

pod ig: @realhousewivesofneopia


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