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Shut Up And Watch The Movie! | Movie And TV Commentary Podcast

The Hotshot Whiz Kids

Shut Up And Watch The Movie! | Movie And TV Commentary Podcast
111 min2013 MAR 2
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This week on our Netflix movie commentary podcast is a personal favorite of mine, Explorers. It is a movie about a few kids, who are evidently super geniuses, who manage to build their own space ship. The movie takes advantage of every kid’s fantasy to just get away from it all and you can’t get much further away than actually leaving the planet earth. The movie loses something at the end when they finally meet the aliens, who happen to be kids themselves (spoiler), but all in all this is a fantastic Sci-Fi fantasy movie from the same people who made Gremlins and one of my favorites, Innerspace, which came out a couple of years later. Explorers was also the the debut film of Ethan Hawke And the late River Phoenix. I should also note that movie came out the same summer as my favorite movie of all time Back To The Future, so it was a great summer for science fiction films. Check out our commentary of this film this weekend on Shut Up And watch The movie!