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Steele Wars : Live Star Wars Call In Show

Star Wars

Steele Wars : Live Star Wars Call In Show
91 min2018 AUG 1
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With Amy Ratcliffe & Courtney Everett and your calls! 


2:38 Amy sizzles her awesome new book, Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy!

5:39 So much new Star Wars coming!

8:50 What are fans most excited about after Comic-Con?

10:15 Courtney humblebrags about having connection on the grapevine

12:14 Steele puts Amy in an uncomfortable predicament

13:12 The new episodes of Clone Wars, and how to ensure there will be more

14:42 Amy revisits her on-stage experience of the Clone Wars announcement and that tender photo

18:32 The exciting Episode IX casting announcement!

21:37 The return of Leia Organa!

23:12 Paul from San Diego joins us to talk about the lack of secrecy surrounding Luke and Leia in Episode IX

27:53 Courtney discusses the reasoning behind her Leia prediction

30:22 Getting Star Wars intel while waiting for a smoothie

31:45 Which Leia footage might JJ repurpose for Episode IX?


33:37 Swara Salih from Beltway Banthas joins the show to speak on the casting announcement and its diversity

36:14 Episode IX hairstyles

37:19 What will the political landscape be at the end of the sequel trilogy?

41:55 Wrapping up the Skywalker saga in grand fashion

43:59 Steele needs a hero

46:08 Mark Hamill’s reaction to the Leia news

48:21 The return of Lando, and whether we’ll see L3 acknowledged in Episode IX

52:10 Force Ghost... Leia?

53:49 Is this truly the end of the Skywalkers?

58:09 Emily Lind gives us ideas from the chat room on Episode IX returning characters

59:28 Naomi Ackie’s addition to the cast and John Boyega’s warm welcome

1:01:45 Courtney takes us to the gun show

1:02:30 Episode IX filming rumors from Jason Ward

1:04:00 “Jakku-shaming” and the potential return of Constable Zuvio!

1:05:32 The technology allowed on the Episode IX set

1:06:47 Jacob from Perth calls to discuss the level of fan service in Episode IX

1:13:02 Force Ghost Anakin in Episode IX?

1:14:40 What locations will the characters visit in Episode IX?

1:18:57 The extreme intensity surrounding shipping and Reylo

1:25:28 Courtney Everett, Star Wars oracle

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